Friday, August 7, 2009

Oh Nuts

Some "train-amation!" A quick animation test I did commuting back and forth to work using the suirrel character from animation mentor.

Oh Nuts! from ryguy on Vimeo.


thndrcat said...

Just saw your 11 second club entry! Siccckkk. Nice work bro. I'm in AM right now, Class 1. U graduated?

I come from a Yanks household, so I know whatcha mean abt the Red Sox! Lol

Ryan Moran said...

Whats up thndrcat...

thanks for the compliment! Im glad u liked it.

i completed class's 1-4 in AM. I had to stop after class 4 though cause it got to be to much while working. Good luck going through! its an amazing school.

thndrcat said...

Thanks man.

Ur stuff is lookn good for just going through 4 classes...are you working in the industry now?

Youre a Yanks fan too, u must live in Ny. I live on Long Island.